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Digitise the debt collection experience

Our unique approach offers a bespoke recovery experience, driving better

retention and recovery at every stage of the journey


Better Customer Reach

Focus on multiple digital touchpoints to communicate with the customer

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Enhance user behavioral model

Act on accounts that have a greater chance of getting paid, follow-up on time, and track every call.


Make feet-on-street efficient

Get your field executives on the X-Pro app and find routes easily using our built-in navigation system.


Customize Workflows

Customize and automate your workflow, get easy access to the recovery specialists and manage all your cases efficiently.


Monitor Collection Performance

Monitor your agent’s performance, know the inadequacies in your collection process and track every metric that matters.


Offer customer convenience

Simple payment & settlement module to help customer arrive most optimal way & mode to settle their debts


We believe in Conversations

We use a technology-led approach to transform traditional debt collection into a positive customer experience – Efficient, Effective, innovative.


Partnerships across Banks, NBFCs, ARCs & Fintechs


Million loan book handled

1 Million

Customer Base

~10% to15%

Resolution rate improvementa

X- Pro Business Solutions

Delivering promise of efficient and compliant debt recovery by intertwining  technology-led approach

with a strong local Network of debt experts

Web based CRM

Multiple Features Capturing the Entire Gamut of Debt Collection Business Processes

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Why us?

We have designed ourselves a distinct competitive advantage that ensures - quicker

scalability, smoother integration, and peerless customer satisfaction.

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Pan India Coverage

Coverage with access to

over 6000 pin codes

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Collection Expertise

600+ collection experts on

the Field and Skip Tracing


Collection Kiosks

Over 75000 collection

points all over India


Product Agnostic

Across all lending and

credit products


In-house Telecalling

100+ Trained and certified agents

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