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Our Business Offerings

Focused on Leveraging Collection Expertise and Customer Experience

Collection Services

CLXNS’s pan India pin code coverage is complemented by 75000 collection points spread across the country ensuring collection accessibility spanning entire geographies.

Combining local intelligence with cutting-edge Machine Learning data, we have been pioneering recovery services maximizing the retention rate and ensuring a satisfactory customer experience along the way.

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Data is imperative in the recovery industry and by combining CLXNS’s data with ARC’s repositories, we gain a more complete picture of debtor behaviour and trends.

Designed to proactively deliver the data you need in the format you require, enhancing efficiency, creating value, and enabling quicker decision-making.

Product as a Service

Our proprietary products include an end-to-end platform designed to support all stages of debt management. This platform acts as a one-stop shop for all your collection needs like payments and settlements, account management, lead allocations, integrated dialers, real-time insights, and much more.

We have also built ourselves the X-Pro, an application that assists the on-field agents with their collection as well as integrates back into our platform. Assist agents, track their status, track their location and initiate self onboarding all from the X-Pro app.

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